Wednesday, 12 October 2011


LOL!! I juz re-watched an episode on *TPOM juz to share you the craziness of King Julian.. ahehehe..

King Julian: Maurice bring me my spare crown.
Maurice: Uhum....
King Julian: Hahaha! Much betah!
Marlene: A Spare crown?? He just had.. You know.. He's just sitting around.. All along a spare crown.. All along!!
Maurice: Well yeah! For emergencies. Kinda fool king wouldn't have a crown. Please.
Marlene's very angry and handed out her hand to Rico and barfed out a crowbar.
Now Marlene stares a straight face to KJ.

King Julian: What no! no! Never on a Fun day..Seriousleh..
Marlene chases King Julian and screaming..

Oh if you didn't get it.. Here's the title of the episode; Crown Fool
or if you're tooo lazy to find/search for it.. Here it is.. X

*The Penguins of Madagascar

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