Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Okay guys..
Who knows of King Julian?
Everybody does.. Who doesn't? XD
I like the way he talks.. and the way he invents his words like..
I feel a lil sleepity today.. Hahaha something like that but I juz invented that..
He acts like bossy and sometimes like a good leader..
WOOHOOO~!! =)))
His face reminds me of Joker.. i mean the way he smiles..
He likes to dance everytime.. or let's juz say.. He loves to shake his booty.. :))
Juz watch 'The penguins of Madagascar'.. ^_^
Now we're already in the second season..
And I'm not only loving King Julian also the penguins..
The adorable Private, the one who loves to eat everything Rico, the intelligent Kowalski, and the leader Skipper!!

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