Tuesday, 11 October 2011

FTISLAND Remake ALBUM '새들처럼' Music video full ver


Airi Asuka said...

OMG! its F.T. ISLAND!!
min hwan! my babe! hahaha!
long time no see.. miss u my drum boy..

hihi.. i miss u toooooooo my siszie! dun worry.. ;)

KawaiiLovah said...

He's cute right? XD WOOT WOOT!! =))

Me tooooo~!! Sizzie I'm sorry I can't text you..
I have no load.. And I'm still here.. ;))

Airi Asuka said...

hahaha.. he always cute.. :P
i miss my babes (min hwan), (daiki), (yamapi), and more.. :)))

nahh.. its okie.. me too.. i cnt txt u or call u for now.. coz im really really really buzy! ><

KawaiiLovah said...

LOOOOOL!!!! You 3 timer.. or more!! AHAHAHA!! jkz.. XD Dun make them jealous..

awww.. it's okay.. inshaallah when I'm there in philippines.. Dun forget about me ah! ;)))
This time, inshaallah, it's my turn to give you remembrance from Philippines.. ^_^
And i'll give you my number?