Friday, 14 October 2011

Please fix this!!!

Okay here's the thing... I'm kinda puzzled by my favicon on this blog..
Coz when I'm in Mozilla it looks like this;

It's sooo cute right? ;)))
I put this favicon through the html code..
And taken the pic from a blog..
And now here, I'll show you, what my favicon looks like in Google Chrome.

Seeeee~!! That's the big puzzler.. Coz I tried, juz a while ago..
What if I put something on my favicon.......... *Ughhh~! so hard to explain it.. I'll juz show you..*

In the left top corner, you'll see what I mean.. *sorry if you can't, it's in your settings in Layout*
So yeah and I think that's what it looks like when you view my blog right?
Please tell me I'm right?
Atleast someone!! :D

Please comment~

No one??? TT^TT

Purty please!!!!

Okay I'll do it properly~ Preeetttyyyy pleeaasseeee~~~~ :o3

Okay nevermind if you dun wan.. ahehehe.. I'm not forcing you.. *sarcasm*
Anyway, I want to fix this asap.. Coz I think my mozilla's having a lil glitch with blogger.. ahehehe..
I get fidgety when this is not fixed.. *not really hehe*
And I would love to put the cute cupcake as my favicon.. I'll juz have to find a way to do it..
*Without the black bg in it coz i took/dl-ed the pic as a gif in a site*
Okay so I'll juz have to leave here until here guys~!! Love you!! For those who are reading my blogs!!
Miss you my dear friends!! MWUAAAHHHH!!!

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