Monday, 10 October 2011


Salamu alaikum readers..
Well we didn't go to philippines yet.. >.<
Because of our residence permit wasn't stamped yet..
But we already had our ticket..
Oh so I waz juz thinking..
What will I do there in Philippines that I will not do here..
or vice-versa..
But yeah i was thinking the vice-versa..
Coz here in the house, I'm singing only when I'm with my bro and sis..
I'm not usually singing when my parents are there.. XD
Oh and some embarassing things I don't usually do infront of other people..
Even if they're only staying here (our house) for a while..
hmm.. What else?
Oh yeah what will happen if i have this symptoms (ulcer) again?? TT^TT
Until now it's still hurting me..
Alhamdulillah yesterday it didn't hurt but...
Yesterday night, it came back again..
And I thought... Ughh, do I need to eat again? At this hour? *3AM*
*currently listening to B1A4's Beautiful Target LSSed*
hmmm... I don't know anymore.. XD
I'll juz update my blogs from time to time..
Oh and I'm planning to online even if I'm in Philippines..
My mom said that I should not be online everyday..
I wanzz~! Me gusta~!!
And My dear Ezza.. Pretty please keep your blog open.. TT^TT
Me wans to read your blogs noe!!
Oh and I'm sorry we didn't went yesterday.. >_<
If would've been nicer if together of us went day after day..
or in short.. To be in that "Coincidence".. XD
Oh well.. My mom said it was a blessing in disguise..
Coz I forgot some things also that I should bring to Phil.
That is a review for my College also..
Fi Amanillah to everyone!!! ;)

*Sorry didn't tell anyone that we're still here..
(hiding from the paparazzi loljk)
listening to Kan Mi Youn's Paparazzi
love HyungJoon~♥


Airi Asuka said...

honey! u not even tell me when is ur flight.?! :(
at least i wanna say hi and bye to u..
how come hannah knw and i dnt knw.?
gosh! im gonna miss u and hannah.. :((

KawaiiLovah said...

Sizzieee~! I told you in the facebook!!! TT^TT
I'm so so sorry..
But my dear.. It's not yet too late.. I'm still here.. Pretty please pray for us to go there.. I wanna see my grandparents badly..
I miss you more my sizzieee~!!!
Another thing I dun have load to call you. so so so sorry.. >_< I'm already as cruel as you think.. TT^TT