Saturday, 1 November 2014

PowerPoint Date Problem

I was printing the slides from my Physics subject
when I noticed that the current date was also printed along the slides..
I printed 'em as a Handout Setting with 2 slides in each pages..
I would like to have it at least 3 in each
but I didn't want to have lines on each of the slides.. For now that is.. 

So problem was  "How to remove the current date that is being printed on the top right corner of each page?!"

I did it by clicking on the Options button in Print Preview.
Then on Header and Footer. Then at the Notes and Handouts tab, you'll see that Date and Time isn't ticked on. Even if it isn't ticked on, the date is still included when you print.. So what I did was to tick it on, then click Fixed. Then erased everything you have in there and click Apply to All!

Then it's done! No more troubles right?

I found another thing which says that it's great to save a PPT as a PDF to reduce the amount of toner used when college students go for printing.. X just read 'em all here to be helpful and Go Green!

Btw, I'm having the Microsoft 2007 versions.. So I'm not sure how it is on the updated ones.. 
So yeah~ Imma go study now.. maaaaaybe~ haha.. *procrastinating again* 


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