Thursday, 23 October 2014

Struck by The Wind

Yoww my ghosties!! 
How are you?

Uwaaaaaah!! I wanted to cry out loud!!
But I also didn't want to look stew-pud~ hahaha..

I..... just...... watched.......

Jun JiHyun and Jang Hyuk
Yhupp!! You guessed it right!


I thought I already read about this, turns out I wasn't paying attention.. and thought it would be just one of those romantic movie cliches~ So after getting to the middle part, that's where it all started! Tears falling down my cheeks.. u.u

I wanted to see if my mom was crying or not..
coz she was just beside me.. In the beginning, she was like watching but then she concentrated on her phone!

The Poster~


After getting to the part when he was drowned! I was like.. Kim SooHyuuuuun!! Eodigaaaa??????   /where are youuu??  

Maybe she was just too young at that time..  if you know what I mean.. hahaha.. just kidding.. Anyway, moving on about my mom.. There was a pillow between us, (we were on the bed lying down watching comfortably~) that's why I really cannot see what she was doing.. And I didn't hear any sniffing.. So I thought, I'm the only one who's crying~ GAHD! and I tell you~ ON THE NEXT CRYING SCENES!!! I seriously wanted to cry out loud!! What more in the ending?! *super flood* JK! 

Ma shaa ALLAH is all I can say for this movie!

Because it was well plotted.. Kids can watch it.. One of those AMAZING & A-MUST KNOW ROMANTIC STORIES but at the same time tragic.. So prepare your tissues and baskets around! 

haha! Well it depends anyway.. I'm the type who's like tsundere.. ahahaha.. Hmmph.. 
I tend to get emotional especially in these kinds of situations.. I CAN REALLY FEEL the pain when she was crying~ As if it what all real..  *Ma shaa ALLAH tabaraka ALLAH*

What more I just realized.. her skin is chincha/really flawless!! Ma shaa ALLAH!
I've known about it.. While I was watching "You Who Came From The Stars"!
But bcoz during those time, I thought uwaah! Ma shaa ALLAH!
She's just amazingly stunning like how the real actors and actresses are.. haha..

Oh gosh! I can't stop praising her~ Oh well.. am already done with the sad feelingz~
So now I can go study, work or procrastinate properly!! 

or else I might as well just want to think about it and CRY!! *if that's ever going to happen* orz

Okaaay~ So yeah.. till here.. 
Take care folks~

P.S. I seriously dunno if my mom cried.. 

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