Sunday, 20 January 2013

K-Drama Report

Full House Take 2 Episode 4

WHOO~ lol!! that was hella funny!! XD
in their upcoming episode Jang Man Ok / Michelle Jang is going to wear our abaya~
She's such a cutie~ Bagay n bagay tlga sa kanya~ X3

My curiosity juz won't die down~ I want to know is how their relationship is going to happen..
How their chemistry is built~ LOL!! Kinikilig na ako sa kakaisip pa lang~!! LOL!! X3
No Min Woo is a bishounen that I juz can't leave without taking a peek~!! WHOOO~
I love him~ *in my dreamland* ke ke ke~ He's going to strip!! HALF-NAKED!!! *major nosebleed* LOL!!

The Thousandth Man Episode 3

Aaaaand~ this one! XD It's also comedy! XD B1A4's Jin Young is there~ WHAAA~
I was surprised he was there!! Didn't know he liked to act too~
Wish he could be a protagonist in some dramas too and be in more dramas!! ^_^
We'll definitely watch it!! His fans!! hehehe..

And when his pen didn't work, he dabbed the tip of the pen to his tongue~
LOL!! Does it really work that way? I thought it was only in cartoons.. =))))
He just didn't look the way he is when he got old.. Hmm.. Didn't like him..
His laugh is soo scary~ =)) It's like he's telling you laugh with me! ke ke ke~
And the woman he married doesn't even know when his birthday is!!
CRUEL I tell you~ but when I saw the picture of his kids, it's like they're one big happy family!

Rooftop Prince Episode 1

Just started it.. Coz I heard my cousin watched it in Philippines..
This is soo cute!! I'm liking it already~
I found that it has only few episodes.. So I hope to finish it, sooner than I hope.. X3
I didn't know YooChun's soo good at acting.. ;>>

I hoped that it's the two of them but no~ >w<
I don't want to learn that later it was HER who killed the Crown Princess~
I was really hoping that it was BuYong who died.. Coz he really loved her..
But they were brought to the future, magically.. So it's like, this story is going to be AWESOME!! X3
I liked BuYong's eyes here.. but when I finally saw her face.. I was.... uh... surprised to see that it's not really what I hoped for.. 
But it's better.. I think~ ;>> Anyways!! 4 of them in the future wearing like a costume. Red, Green, Blue and Yellow~
When I saw them I thought 'This is soo hilarious'.. Everything's soo good.. and her English too..
It's better than the others.. I mean I didn't laugh when she talked.. but to others.. I tend to crack up!!
It's like I feel how embarrassed they were.. X3 Anyways.. This is my review for them~ WOOT!
Hope to finish all this sooon~ ^w^

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