Monday, 29 April 2013

Google Chrome Updated

Assalamu alaikum guys~!
So how are you all? :)
Hmm.. Tell me, guess what happened to my laptop....?
I think it was juz this morning, i guess... =))
*I easily forgot but I think it WAS this morning... XD*
I remembered that I needed to print the questioners for our PE Health,
*more like our reviewer for our Finals.. hehe.. Wish me(or us) Good Luck! XD hehe..*
So yeah.. I opened my Google browser and surprised to see that everything had been RESET(ed) once again..
Found out that my GC was updated.. Didn't know that everything would go away..
All my extensions were gone... Those extentions and the theme~!! (´╥﹏╥ )
Didn't want to fix it yet coz I was almost late for class~
and yeah... I just fixed it this afternoon which took me a while to blog this.. (*^▽^*)
Watching series! hehehe.. Anyways, for now the extensions that I remember that I usually use are back..
Hopefully I can recover them all soon.. In shaa Allah! hehe..
I'm just here to report what has happened..
I don't want it ever to happen again..
But resetting the settings here GC is good coz there's been some stuff that I really want to remove..
and also some of the extensions weren't removed.. only the extensions and a theme that I always used!

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