Monday, 22 April 2013

The Sloth!

Hey~ Assalamu alaikum guys...
Okay.. Another reckless me, posting at this time of the day..
Again.. I haven't done anything that is concerning what I did the whole day in College..
here at home... Didn't even review... Juz reviewed for Qur'an..
That hopefully I can show that I've done something.. *In shaa Allah*
But honestly I didn't do anything GOOD! RESPONSIBLE! AT ALL!
these days.. and it's really going to kill me...
I KNOW what I must do but my mind/body is telling me or doing the different thing you know?

and For REALZ! It's also killing me right now..
I guess that being my sister and brother just started their vacation,
is also one of the reasons to why my body is reacting differently..
Waking up in the morning is soo hard..
Usually I wake up at 5:20 or 30 then I wouldn't really feel sleepy afterwards..
that was during the times when they still had school but now that they don't..
It's really killing me.. Yesterday and Today!!!
AND I KEPT ON PROMISING MYSELF that I wouldn't do it today..
But here is what I've become... >.< I HATE IT!
I FREAKING HATE IT! That I can't control it..

One more thing... Now that they're in vacation, they can do anything they want!
Especially WATCHING MOVIES or Series..
Chuck especially.. coz I've been downloading it everyday and would watch..
depending on how many I want to watch or how many I've downloaded..
So yeah.. coz here's the thing.. When I watch I WANT to be attentive..
I don't want to miss a PART/SCENE.. EVER! Maybe for the others but most of the time NO!
'Cause before my mom together with the rest of my family would sometimes WATCH TOGETHER!
WITHOUT ME!! Can you believe that?! They don't invite me to come and join THEM!
I mean come on! I'd at least appreciate that you were thinking of me, in the future!
Even though I might have told them to 'Go Away! Can't you see I'm studying?'
So NOW, I tend to join them WHENEVER I have the chance..
coz if I don't watch it with them I wouldn't want to continue watching that SERIES esp once again..
HORROR ones.. I'd prefer watching with them.. I want US to watch TOGETHER!
OKAY! Can't you understand THAT SIMPLE FEELING?
it's really hard for me.. *Kind of* So yeah.. I guess I'll stop here for now...
This is actually good that I give this "TIME" to blog instead of reviewing and doing my homework!
Oh please dearie me, Kill This LAZINESS disease!

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