Monday, 15 April 2013

Oh yeah~ We're the BOSS! XD

Assalamu alaikum guys!!
>w< I knoooow it has been a verrry loooong time!!
*Felt like forever* Things kept on piling up~!
Coz I keep on doing the wants instead of the needs.. XD
hehehe~ Of course I need to;

=))) Don'cha agree? XD For me that's HEAVEN!
This is my peg... my trip kung baga.. hehehe..
As in!! It's like I forget everything.. well not really..
But u know it makes my heart throb for every manga I read..
Of course those that are interesting..
and if they're not I throw/delete them right away!!
Especially those scary drawn once..
Sorry mangakas.. I dun feel comfortable reading those
with scary faces even if the story did have beautiful slots.. or wtvr it's called..
Uhmm.. It depends though.. It's not always the same.. hehe..
Please!! Every thing depends on what the situation is..

Okay juz came by to say few things for this Month!!
Can't leave this month without having to write IN MY OWN PRECIOUS BLOG!
TT^TT Gomen ne~ I dun come here much often now..
Unlike before!! *oooh~ I can use this in my hw in english in "used to"* XD

Well then I'll end it here for now!!
In shaa Allah till next time again!!
Hopefully asap!! >w< TC Ya'll!!

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