Monday, 15 April 2013


Salamu alaikum!
Yeah... I've been having this issue with my teacher..
and oh yeah! She's honest that we have those times together but really..
She does that to me and every one does that to me..
Coz of course.. What they see is what they believe right?
Oh okay.. Tell me I'm not wrong..?
Somehow close to that.. Some are like that.. Some aren't..
Yes.. But you know.. I'll never know who they will be if they won't be brave and show everyone..
But oh well.. I wanted to let it all go..
But u know IF and only IF I could have an access on blogspot and can use my cellphone
at that time in class, I would've said a lot of awful things.. That shouldn't be coming out of my mouth..
or here.. XD So yeah.. Kind of had the bad day with the feeling of wanting to finish this day soon..
and have a relaxing VACATION but I know now that I won't be getting it..
Coz I'll be taking the Summer Classes.. In shaa Allah!!
Hopefully it'll be over soon!! I WANT TO HAVE 1 WHOLE MONTH for SLEEPING ONLY!!
Give me a hibernation period PEOPLE! XD
This girl is gonna dieee~ ahahaha!!
Juz kidding.. Anyways, homeworks really are a pain in the *ss!!
*These days thing's just making me want to curse*
H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K = Half Of My Energy Wasted On Random Knowledge

I credit my dear friend @ZubaidahHabeeb for telling me this!! XD
But it's more like wasted on nothing.. TIME!
but if I look on the bright side! WHOA! A lot of advantages!! =)))
I'm really gonna miss this when I grow up..
THAT is if I still become an adult.. Allahu alam..
Okay.. Gonna end it here..
Hope to blog more soon in shaa Allah! ^_^

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