Monday, 10 September 2012

I'm loving COLLEGE! ^_^

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu~
How are ya'll? lol.. I just figured it out that I'm already doing
the redundancy thing.. =))) XD Okay, LOL! Another news story from me..
Hmm.. Let's talk about me officially studying in College!
XD WOOT! Alhamdulillah! I got my results just this day!
I took a Promotion test, that's what they call here, yesterday
and MASHAALLAH!  Who knew that it was that fast?!
Mashaallah! and I'm gonna say that as many times as I want.. XD
Inshaallah I'm gonna get my schedules "PERMANENTLY" and hopefully
tomorrow inshaallah! ;))) I'm sooo glad.. Coz classes started already and
I'm still worried about missing some lectures.. especially when it comes to Math..
I miss math so much! It's just that I forget things easily if I don't review them
especially in a long time! I'm worried that everything I've learned from my greatest ever
Math teacher's gonna go away.. TT^TT
So enough drama.. lol! Let's go on my story...
*I actually have alot in my mind right now lol*
This week! Has been the greatest!
I've met new friends Mashaallah! They're GREAT!
But there's this incident today, that I didn't very well much liked it..
This is the second thing that I didn't like on what happened to me in that university..
The first thing was that there was 2 girls going my way..
and well.. They stopped for a moment..
The other girl carried her friend and when I was about to pass them..
They accidentally *or not* tripped on me.. So I was sooo irritated..
Not knowing what to do.. I left them.. I wanted to talk to them..
"There's a PLACE and TIME in everything you do"
and "PLEASE GROW UP"! If you're just with your friend and no one's looking
then you can fool around with her! >W<
That also happened to me within this week.. Just didn't want to take it personally..
But that day YES i did take it personally.. Now just thinking about it.. makes me not irritable..
But IT is not a proper way to act as a lady! *Yes, I may act childish sometimes too*
We're all human.. But I just want you guys to know this..
Okay the second one.. *FULL STORY AHEAD*
Today, I took the classes in English..
So at the end of our 2nd period in ENGLISH..
Our instructor/teacher told us to stand up and go around and meet every one
we don't know inside that classroom! Or else we won't go to our break..
Don't TALK to those who you know already.. lol! *this is actually funny* XD
I was like OMG! OMFG! I'm like NO WAY! I have people here
that I don't want to meet.. SO SORRY and NO OFFENSE!
But I just have my OWN rules and regulations in meeting friends.. (CONFIDENTIAL)
So yeah I started with the nearest one I can find.. XD There!
But then our teacher, introduced me to someone.. She's cute btw.. ;))
I was like thinking nothing in my head.. I just don't know what to do & what to say.. 

I just wanna THANK MY VERY FIRST CLOSE FRIENDS I MET again there in that University!
for being & having such wonderful friends.. ^_^ I feel that we're close already .. ;))

I kept on smiling at her.. But I'm glad too, that I met her! ^_^ I was counting on it! ;))
Just then, I noticed some girls, a herd/flock/group of girls are like coming towards my place..
In the corner! I was sitting there.. They came and introduced their selves.. The first one
was like a tomboy; she shook my hands and said 'Hi I'm ___.
(I didn't hear her name correctly so I said 'sorry?' but I don't think she heard me and continued on).
How are you?' and replied her too.. and told me if I don't know how to speak arabic.. I told them I know how to speak few.. with a hand gestures.. ;DD Then ended our meeting with 'Nice meeting you!'..
Then they talked to each other, her friends.. Suddenly one of them came to me and said..
 'Hi how are you?' .. She didn't introduced herself yet.. Coz one of them suddenly asked me..
'Where are you from?' I said.. Philippines.. then...... *BAM*
They walked away.. without saying any goodbyes.. I mean no offense.. But I don't think this is a good way to keep a good relationship with new people and foreign ones too.. It's rude you know..
I've talked to some people about it already.. I just don't know what they're thinking about those moments..
Coz right after that, they all went outside the room as if it's suddenly OVER and like nothing happened.. -_-
I think it was because another class/section are coming to take over the room.. XD *just realized it* .-.
So then.. I headed to our next period.. Still the same but different room.. We learned new things...
And study.. But for me it was just a review.. ;DD So when our last period was about to end,
our adviser really didn't let this chance/opportunity to escape and meet all of us..
So we all went out the room.. and just outside the building.. Somewhere in shades..
We formed a circle.. including our teacher.. So we started in a clockwise rotation..
I think I was like 7th from where she started the interview.. Like tell us your name, where do you live,
hobbies, and what do you like to be (occupation)... Like those stuff.. So when it was just about my turn..
for like.. they were already listening to the 5th girl.. I moved to the left.. LOL!!
*SCARED and I don't want to do THIS kind of meeting* maybe if I'm confident.. Okay no prob..
But I wasn't.. so for sure.. teacher has seen me moved.. Moving from my place to the 2nd on my left..
Sorry for that.. really.. I wasn't usual self when I did that..
*I've been having these butterflies on my stomach! Since last week! 
That's why I'm not THAT much confident!*
When it was finally my turn.. I told them about myself basically.. I was like thinking..
I love many things.. what if they only want to know ONE thing..
So when I told them about my hobby.. I said.. I like crochet.. and nail polish... (DUMB!) but i like the idea..
Just then my friend reacted.. nail polish.. isn't a hobby she said.. lol.. *actually I just realized it now*
If she meant the cutix/colorful liquids.. Then she must have corrected me.. But I wasn't really thinking,
anything about that.. I was just giving them the idea.. so no need to be so literal! COME ON!
So before telling them about what I like to take.. I thought that I wanted to be a photographer, cosmetology, and computer science.. I want all of these! I planned on studying them!
So I just told them that I wanted to be a computer engineer... LOL!!
*didn't know what I was really saying those moments.. >.<*
So it was like people are already chatting.. when it was about after my 3rd/4th friends from me..
Teacher actually came closer to the students coz she was beside the first girl who introduced herself..
I think that it's only our adviser who's REALLY interested in meeting all of them.. and some students too..
I guess.. XD

Okay.. LOL!! That's a long story don't cha think? XD
It took me long to type them all in.. Tired.. didn't sleep yet ever since I arrived from the university..
So I was also thnking about the way I am now.. Handling with the skirts and all..
LOL!! In fact, I'm like satisfied already.. Maybe because I can AT LAST show my clothes to anyone..
Unlike before.. wearing such cool,beautiful, and maybe even ugly clothes.. that are just not being shown
to everybody.. LOL!! Hidden within the abaya.. >.< so now that I'm getting used to this feeling.. WOOT!
Feel like I'm back at elementary.. ;))) i love it! So now I'm aiming to buy for more skirts..
That are of course FIT me perfectly, no need for belt.. >.< and Necklaces that are catchy and
hairstyle.. XD ;))) *I like fashion too*

And also my ideas about our notebooks-to-be... I thought it would be the same in our home country..
Coz it's like.. Your professor are just going in on your lesson.. Explain.. Lectures.. Maybe not even write
on the board! Just dictate! And there, in Philippines, the students' notebooks can be anything you want..
As long as you can write on it.. XD ;DDD So we have these binders, we call it.. I bought 2..
that are amazingly CUTE and small.. But here in this university.. I guess the teachers would like it if,
their notebooks are as large as A4.. and also springs .. I was like.. again.. NO WAY! I can't..
I've already experienced having 13 to 14 notebooks in like 10 years of studying in my life..
AND IT IS VERY heavy on the bag.. I can't have these.. I brought 3 bags to school..
If I hafta bring notebooks and books plus my lunch! I can't afford to lose such a free food in my life..
LOL!! XD ;))) Alhamdulillah! Food at home is much better.. ;DD 

NEW word(s) learned today:
Argot - secret language!

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