Friday, 7 September 2012

No Title on my PAGE please!

Salamu alaikum! ;)
How are ya'll? ^-^

Okay, since I've put a new 'Page' on my blog..
Here's another one of the tutorials I saw that solved my problems..
hehe.. And in that page, it's needed to put a title..
Unlike whenever you want to make a new post,
you can exclude the title..
To remove that here's what I did..
  1. Pages > New Page > Blank Page
  2. Make your choice of putting in whatever you want.
  3. Then if you're finish.. Click the HTML beside the Compose..
  4. On the very top.. Paste the following;
.post h3 {display:none !important;}

     5. Preview to make sure it worked
     6. Don't forget to comment me too.. ;DD

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