Thursday, 13 September 2012

Logitech Speakers

I wanna try vlogging like the previous post I shared you guys!! ;))
But if this involves with drawing.. I might hafta be good in arts..
Inshaallah, Allahumma Ameen!! I'll learn about those things too!
It's just that I'll have to worry about what's on my hands right now..
What's updating your life online means to people?

Okay, that's new.. Wasn't planning to put that here..
Anyways.. Here's what I've done this evening/morning..
My mom bought a pair of speakers before..
Way long~! And it's been bothering just now..
that why it isn't working here on my laptop.. >.<
so crazy, but I didn't mind.. Coz earphones/headphones
are more useful for me.. coz I can hear videos/songs more clearly..
Now that it has come to annoy me, I told myself;
I just need to fix this then share it THEN sleep.. lol!
So in the end! I got it fixed alhamdulillah! ^_^
It has been here with us for like a year now..
I think.. The brand is Logitech..
I love that! Thankfully, ljthomas share his thoughts about it..
And here's what I did..
I already connected it..
>Right click the loudspeaker  icon on your taskbar
>click Playback Devices..
>click your speaker just once, then click Configure..
>Just follow the instructions and if you hear voices on the speakers
then it's done already! ^_^ YATTA~! XD

I tried it twice.. and also made it as a default one too..
So I think i'll just have to stop here..

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