Thursday, 13 September 2012


It's annoying! IK!
I saw a solution that may remove it forever,
or maybe not.. I'll just have to update this post..
I just did it today.. and it's actually like this..
The moment I saw that my Firefox isn't
using google as my default search engine whenever
I search in toolbar.. I changed it in about:config..
and typed in the keyword.URL..
I would always changed it to
And now it came back again to babylon..
Seriously, it never gives up.. >.<
How can this be? So I searched for a solution.
And thank goodness Christina made an easy solution..
Delete the babylon.xml file in Program files\Mozilla firefox\searchplugins
Easy Peasy~ XD ;)) 

Updated: 9/14/2012
Okay, I've done this yesterday..
Today it came back again.. >.<
Annoying! Hmm.. I'll check again tomorrow..
Before going to school..
I just fixed the keyword.enabled to true..
Which I set it to false before..
Coz I thought it was related to babylon.. XD
Thanks to an AnonymousUser

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