Sunday, 16 June 2013


Assalamu alaikum~!
How are you all?
I'm terribly deeply sorry for my readers..
I'm not satisfying y'all in reading my recent posts..
They're all rubbish, you must be thinking.. XD
hehe.. Well what can I say for being a "geek" on these stuff?? (ノ>▽<。)
So what's up there?
Well here in Saudi Arabia they are going to ban the WhatsApp and maybe also Skype
before Ramadan so for those who uses these application, you better get ready or else you might
regret it later! >w<

Okay, Report #unknown for troubleshooting! XD
My father's cell phone.. Nokia E5 can't make a call..
It just happened recently.. Dunno what they have been doing to his cell.. *My siblings*
So yeah.. Whenever he wants to call someone, before hearing the tone..
It disconnects right away.. So I made some searching in Google..
Not much of a help.. But after a few clicks..
I thought that what if I just reset it all over again..
Meaning to shut down.. or maybe even remove the battery and sim card..
But just as I was about to close it down.. in a proper way of course..
I pressed the home button for a long time and suddenly this notification popped up saying;
"Do you want to exit JawalNet package?" or something like that.. I said yes..
and tried to call if it might actually work because of that.. and VIOLA!
My magic worked!!  (●´∀`●) haha!!

 Okay so story time? hehe..
I now know how to serve properly in badminton like our ms!
Strong! Fast and PERFECT curve! ( ^∇^)  *praises myself MashaAllah*
I'm taking Summer courses that our college is offering this time and hopefully
they'll keep on doing that in the future! Coz having summer is much more better than BiSem ..
I don't want to wait that LONG! So 2 months of studying is just worth it and FAST i tell you!
You won't even recognize it! But Inshaallah everything will be easy! ☆ (⌒▽⌒)☆
I might stay longer here than what I was expecting.. hehe..
I'm glad though~ I get to know more about Saudi Arabia lil by lil!
and that I will know how to deal around with people who are not the same as me..
Regarding nationality.. It's kinda hard.. coz you know, I have this..
I think they'll not like and but on the other hand it's disrespectful!
Coz I know they are my elders..( >_<)

Okaay~ I've finished in what I came for..
I GTG! Need to do lots of stuff~ (^v^)
Take Care and have a FUN Vacation to all of you out there! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ


Hana Sakura ✧ said...

Ah, sorry for my interrupt... I just want to tell, I tagged you on an Award (。’▽’。)♡

Serenity Dreamer said...

Thank you for letting me know~! (*´∀`*)