Thursday, 13 June 2013

Samsung Netbook Windows 8

Salamu alaikum Guys~
Long time ain't it?
So how are you all?
So sorry for the looong wait!
I was basically and naturally too lazy.. (ー_ー)
Anyways, I'm just here for another "Report" that I have fixed
my brother's problem in his laptop..
Cause he can't go online on other websites..
or access other websites.. He can search on Google and open his FB..
But the rest, even YouTube isn't working..
Even if he use other browsers.. *He only have Firefox and Chrome*
Both doesn't work.. But thanks to Google! *again* that I have found the solution!
After a few search, I opened his IE to check if it's working..
or else it might have been the problem within the browser, Firefox, itself..
So it turns out that it was really the internet.. After searching on the settings/tools..
This showed up in the troubleshoot;  "The remote device or resource won't accept the connection detected"..
and searched.... Your Problem is Solved!

 Aand I'll end this post with two keyboard shortcuts that I just learned!
and that I hope I won't forget again... (*´∀`*)
Do you know how to do the degree sign?
Press Alt + 0176 ...
Note: If you just put 176 it'll turn out like this ░
No need to press the plus sign.. *That's how I usually do it* =D

And the delta sign upside down..
I was searching for the unshaded part inside but I can't find it..
Anyways, it's still good to learn a new keyboard shortcut! XD
Press Alt + 31 ..

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