Sunday, 10 February 2013

Philippines' Chicken Macaroni Salad

Assalamu alaikum~ ^_^
Here is just a quick blog for today;

About the Food trips we had in class will be over.. *phew* XD
But the last time I talked about the question from our book..
I'd like to introduce to you, Philippines Chicken Macaroni Salad~
*Now I'm craving for it, sooo mouthwatering!!* XD


I just borrowed the pic.. Thank you~
My mom knows this recipe in like the back of her hand.. XD *But we have different recipe but almost the same* ;D
because it's like my grandma's favorite and my mom would used to do it during Ramadan and feed for 20 people was it? 
But anyways, it's like that because my grandma can't do her fasting very well.. My mom would do it for her~ In place of the Chicken Salad.. 

"Write about one of your favorite foods. Where do people make it or grow it? When do you eat it? Why do you like it?"
My ans: Chicken Macaroni Salad is one of my favorite foods. People make it in Philippines. It is a regular side dish during picnics & family outings. We also serve it in parties like birthdays, Eid, & gatherings. I love it because of its mildly sweet flavor & it's one of my mom's favorite recipes! ♥

I've taken most of the information I have in websites.. ;>>
Thank you very much ladies & gentlemen~ XD

I felt like I had to emphasize where I am from.. =))) Coz I'm the only Filipina in class~ 100%
There I go again! XD Well I think it's because I AM PROUD TO BE A PILIPINA!! XD
Even though I have this different, weird accent when I talk in English..
That people would think why do I say it like that.. for ex: I pronounce busy with 'si' instead of 'zee' XD

Oh and one time.. I asked someone 'How about you?' but she heard it differently..
She was like.. 'chyu?' =))) Coz I said it like.. How 'bout chu? =)))) This is really funny!! XD
But oh well~ Atleast I know how to speak it.. with a weird accent!! =)))) XD

and I just realized it now, people might have been ignoring me because of my ethnicity?
They didn't like Filipinos? I dunno.. That I'm not sure.. but RIGHT NOW, I AM LOVING MY SECTION!! ^w^
and InshaAllah I hope to finish this Year with no problems! Ya Allah! *hehe Eman~~~* XD (ノ≧∀≦)ノ


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