Sunday, 10 February 2013


Hey~ Salamu alaikum...
Oh dear god!! This is really a long week to talk about foods every time in the class..
Now there's this ridiculous question that I've been wondering what is that favorite food of mine..
"Write about one of your favorite foods. Where do people make it or grow it? When do you eat it? Why do you like it?"
COME ON!! Please!! This had been like 3rd week already.. Why does this author wanted to start the lesson with food? It's interesting and all.. but when it comes to myself.. I'm not really sure..
As long as they're edible.. sweet.. yummy~ but what I like more are like... side dishes.. so dessert..
aren't really into me... I THINK!! LOL!! Anyways.. I'll have to think about this sooner or later..
I don't want to wake up LATE again!! >w< THE HORROR!!
Byers and see yah~!!

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