Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Keep Moving Forward

A few years from now~

Watched 'Meet the Robinsons' in 3D mode~
TT^TT Makes me think the way I am now..

Btw, did I every tell you that this week
we had a rainy day? Coz right now! I'm feeling the breeze of another
Cold season coming! *sigh* Winter like before! I miss that feeling!

As I was saying, what if~
we knew what's gonna happen to our future?
That's one question! But right now
is what the matters the most!
Cause its what will happen to our future!
Our BRIGHT future! You may never know..
It'll be YOU who'll change the world!
*sigh* I don't like deep thoughts!
But here I am! Now, I'm already big enough to know everything..
I have responsibility! Our cats are getting bigger! Mashaallah!
I always notice that! to keep in my mind! This is what happened!

Also those few months, weeks, and days I had with my very OWN cat!
I miss her sooo much!! If I only gave her one more last hug!
Her silky fur! Annoying loud meow! ;3 and her cute white fur spots!
*not really spots, she has boots and below her mouth parts*
Those days that I spent with her! Inshaallah it'll be with me forever!
Even though I can't remember most! I know she's still in my heart forever!
Now that her kitten is already grown up, not very much like her..
lol! She likes my sister way more better than me.. hehe..
But I accept, because I wasn't there when they were born!
Lucky me, I still have my sister's cat's kitten.. XD
He loves me..!

Anyways, Imagine! Me on the future!
I'm already the future of my past!
Before I wouldn't be like this!
as to what I'm doing right now with the TECHNOLOGY!
lol! I'm giddy whenever I find something I really love!
whenever I find something soo new to me!
It's like MAGIC!

Yesterday I was just looking at my pictures!
in my thoughts I was like; "Hell no! I take alot of pictures!"
lol! and I would think ; "oh soo that was me when I was at this age!"
I saw my sister's baby face.. She was sooo cute MASHAALLAH!
My brother's voice, who knew he really liked filming, sooo baby-ish!! haha!!
MASHAALLAH!! Now he's like; "I'm the tough man!"
My sister's now like.... I dunno how to explain.. haha..
She's like grown up! It's like what they would always say...
I never knew they'd grow up so fast!
SUBHANALLAH!! *teary eyes* XD

I really hate the part where we would go; "I just realized this..... and that....."
LOL! and now I'm already in College! Mashaallah! I'm really suprised!
How fast was the time? A moment ago I felt like..
waking up soo early, just to be in the school first! <---- Elementary and HS
Now~ OMG! I'm late! I need to be there on time for my 1st class! <--- College
I'm like! WHOA! whut has happened? Was everything set to fast forward?

I would always keep on my mind!
I will never reach that! I dun like to be ended like the same they did!
So I would just think! 'The Day of Resurrection'
But in this case! I should also do my part in being a slave to Allah(swt)!
Not only to this world! >.< Who knew that being in this state, is sooo hard?
*Everyone duuhh!* I'm just saying! So this has been my thoughts!
I just didn't want to end my vacation thinking..
I also have a future to attend to! and to my Eternal 2nd Life!
                            Allahumma zidni 'ilma!

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