Monday, 13 January 2014

My First Japanese Game!!!!

Well it's not totally my FIRST to say but the ORIGINALLY-MADE-AS-A-JAPANESE-GAME!!
OH HELL YEAH IT IS!! XD Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep was the first one and others..
Although, I played KH in English already and that's what I intend to say.. ^^"
Because THIS is in Japanese (only for now I hope).. So yeah..
I didn't expect I would GET IT like this EASILY!! XD
*haha.. coz I took it illegally*

Words can't seem or MY MIND can't seem to find the words to explain what I'm feeling right now!! haha..

Do I have to study Japanese, just so that I can only play that game.. 
and what more, when will I be able to play that game??
Should I just wait PATIENTLY for its English to release? >_<
or will there be such thing?? T^T

ooohh~ It's soo hard to pick!! =))
Can't WAIT!! I WANT TO PLAY IT at the same time understand THE TRUE STORY!!
Coz from what I've seen or watched.. It wasn't really much of the details, you know..>,<

GOOD thing is... I finally HAVE it's copy.. *illegally* and that I can play it any time I want.. 
Hmm.. BUT, IF there's like for example.. It IS being sold in this place or somewhere in the near future
in this kingdom, I might buy it.. hehe.. Well who knows right? *In Shaa Allah* ;3

Oh I just learned this word today~
haha.. it's fantastic!! Just one word to search for all the games I WANT!!
Except that I want to play it on our PSP.. although I might give it a try sometime.. INSHAALLAH!! XD This'll be soo FANTASTIC!! hehe..
*After reading more about it* 
Oh but wait... Otome games MIGHT not really my thing..
When the mood comes, maybe that'll cure my boredom.. =))

Just realized that..
whenever I want to blog something new to u guys..   <-- br="" haha..="" know..="" off="" topic="">I always have LOOOTS of tabs opened in my browser.. -_-"
This is why sometimes it's killing me.. Ughh..

GOSH man.... After looking at their website.. I got demotivated... 
Lucky for you Japanese peeps and for those who understands them~ 

I haven't even started the game.. 
I thought there'll be English subs..
Turns out some of it's menus only..
"Expect the unexpected~"
coz from the "Put your name" part..
I already quit~ haha.. I want my NAME in Japanese ver to be there~
So that I will feel as if they're really calling me~~ 
*KYAAAAAAAAAA~* =))) A fangirl's Real Dream Come True!!!

Okay.. So now I plan that I shall play that game.. 
When I have FINALLY learned Katakana.. ^^
*In Shaa Allah* ;3

Yhupp.. So that'll be my blog for today~
Signing out,
Mr. Sadistic Night!

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