Saturday, 20 October 2012

Cutesy Desktop!

Assalamu alaikum!
WOW! Guess what! I dunno what happened to me today!
LOL!! I kept on downloading THESE cute stuff!
especially from Hana Sakura!
She's sooo great!! I tell you!!
;)) Everything's soo cute and PINK!
My favorite color too! XD
Hehehe! Oh and now I'm already downloading
xwidget! ^_^ Check it out! And see what u can put on your desktop girls! ;)
Okay, so here's one of the things I've applied just now on my desktop..
I've already downloaded it before.. Just didn't meddle with it! hehee..
Hana Sakura's Sparkle Pink Clock..

And I've update the look of my Rainlendar..
I feel that I like Rainlendar more than rainmeter..
But I think both of them are useful! ^_^
It's just that I'm already used to having Rainlendar more! ;D
The look of my rainlendar now is like this..

cute huh? I LOVE IT!! ;A:
hehehe!! The next thing I'm going to do later, inshaallah, is to change my wallpaper..
Forever Friend's October 2012 isn't much my color and type..
:D I dun like halloween so I'll just change it to something I like better..
NOw that I have these CUTE STUFF ON MY DESKTOP!! XD
I'm really grateful I met Hana Sakura!! C=
oh and I almost forgot! I've update also the look of my
Google chrome, for the 1st time i think, lol!
with Molang Chrome Theme;

It's cute, pink and sooo light! this is just one problem.. ;D I can't see it!
The color of the font.. I was downloading while I installed this!
So I was like.. lowering my head just to see what am I downloading again? lol!
Kk!! Hmm.. whut else.. I think I'll just have to update till here!
Visit her! Comment! and as always Take care!! ^_^

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