Sunday, 18 September 2011

Look alike? Perhaps.. Maybe..

It's been bugging me always.. Whenever I look at them..
These K-POP singers.. maybe not only them.. also JPOP and TPOP singers.. ehehe..
hmmm.. For instance, I'm seeing my mom's friend in 2NE1's Park Bom's face.. at some angle.. XD

JYJ's JaeJoong, Jim Brian Khasmir D. Montero.. I saw it when JJ's crying in the 'In Heaven' trailer..

U-Kiss' SooHyun in Gian's face, currently he's in nursery..

  U-Kiss' former Alexander in Murwan's face.. He's also in  nursery.. It's soo funny coz whenever he smiles.. It's like i'm really seeing Alex Oppa~!!! I miss him..

U-Kiss' Hoon in Kuya Aldin Baniaga.. That's why I don't like seeing Hoon everytime.. >.< hehehe.. no hard feelings..

 U-Kiss' former KiBum in Ameen/Amin's face, he's half malaysian and half chinese.. WOOT~!! I LOVE iT whenever I see him~!! XD It's like i'm really seeing KiBummie's shy face.. XD ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 

 Okay i almost forgot.. XD Jim's sisters.. Hmm.. Myrel Jane D. Montero is very cute whenever she smiles.. Because 2AM's JinWoon looks exactly her whenever they smile/laugh.. XD AS IN!!

And Jiamee Lynn D. Montero also.. XD Before she looked very well like 4Minute's NamJiHyun.. *I don't really know all the members in 4Minute, my sincere apologies, ehehe.. That's why I mentioned her full name.. Coz there's also JiHyun who's a model* Even now, but since JiameeLynn grew a lil fat.. Their smiles are still the same.. ^_^ Cute~!! ;))


Boyfriend's Jo twins aka Jo KwangMin and Jo YoungMin in Franchesca Garcia.. 
THEY LOOK EXACTLY JUST THE SAME~!!! I made a picture with the both of them.. But I'll make a better one.. *Inshaallah* when i have their updated pictures.. :D Coz it's on the other computer not in my lappie~ ;))

Hmm.. Who's next? I have more, but I forgot the others.. ehehe.. I'll just edit this post once again after I remember them.. XD I'll be posting pictures also so that you'll see what i mean.. ;))

(You might be wondering why I'm mentioning their full names, well atleast some of them, coz I want them to know that I still don't forget about them.. XD ehehe.. )


jangjang patchi said...

I kinda agree with you about murwan and amin lol but gian, jim and aldin LOOOOL wtheck :)))))

KawaiiLovah said...

iKR~!! XD Sometimes whenever i see SooHyun/Gian it's like i'm seeing them both.. ehehe.. XD ONLY sometimes.. okay? XD Jim also.. I just saw it in a glance in the "In Heaven" teaser.. >.< I will upload the pictures soon.. I've got alot of things in my mind to post here.. XD
And yeah.. Aldin.. It's really unbelievable but for me it's like that.. TT^TT =)))
*I updated it btw* =D

jangjang patchi said...

hahaha okay post pictures so that I can compare it lol and about aldin as if lol :)) well s'okay that's your opinion though xD

KawaiiLovah said...

ahaha.. i'm not also sure of Kuya Aldin.. but somehow i'm seeing someone in Hoon's face.. :)) Ahhh.. I'll just do it when i have the pictures i needed.. I haven't pictured Murwan yet..