Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ɩ'м ˩σʌιиɢ тнɛ тωιиƨ

I'm having this feeling today of posting more and more in my blog today, ONLY today.. i guess.. XD
Because of the JoTwins.. haha.. Now I'm already interested looking for twin pictures.. Even fraternal twins.. XD I like it better if it's in anime.. ;)))

Let's start with these cute girls..  

^ These two pictures are related right? v

 They were labeled as "souseiseki & suiseiseki"


Cute chibi~! ^w^


These two are like Yin and Yang.. Lahv it~♥
I just realized this now!! XD They're Kagamine Len and Rin!!
KYAA~ So Vocaloid was already there I just didn't know about em~
#August 2013

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