Monday, 26 October 2015

Midterms already!

People~ ^^"
I know it's been long.. haha.. 

Hmmm.. Uhm... lemme guess..
Do you want to know what happened during my Summer Semester?

ahaha.. I'm guessing you're not.. since it's already at the end of another year~ 
And now we're again at the examining phase again.. 
Midterms... Alhamdulillah..

Well just one thing I can say though..
I took a really big step, ma shaa Allah, upon entering this club as their new leader in this semester..
Alhamdulillah.. I like how the responsibilities are.. 
Somehow I hope everyone will also like me and get to know each other well.. 

Welp.. another thing that I kinda regretted and at the same time, NOT!
is joining 4 CLUBS at the same time.. Well on of it is already mine.. 
Whenever someone would ask me what I have joined..
I'll mention 3 then forget the other one.. *not MY club of course* 
Mangaka Club, Fashion Club(just new), Sports Club and mine~ ♥

So yeah Imma have to stop here for now.. 
thank you to all my shadow readers out there~ 
*whispers I love you along the wind hope it reaches you* 

Pray and wish me luck for my exams, 
that I'll ace them INSHA ALLAH! U.U

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