Saturday, 14 July 2012

Nokia E5

My father's E5 message icon would keep on blinking even though we've already read the messages.. So here's how you fix it..

It is probably your sim messages that need to be erased, you can do that by going to:
Menu > Messaging > Options > Sim Messages
delete all sim messages and your issue should be solved.

But what I only did was to delete one of the messages.. 'Cause I know some of or bunch of his messages are so important to him.. So yeah.. I deleted only one message and the problem was solved!

Here's the second problem.. My father didn't like the idea of having the Missed Calls and Recieved Messages minimized on the Home screen.. So if you perhaps too wouldn't like..

This is how I did it:

Menu > Control Panel > Modes > Home screen applications
And uncheck those that you don't like to be shown on Home screen.

Now that it is solved, it's back to the original. boring. XD

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