Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I'm only doing my job

Uhayuuu~!! XD I'm always forgetting what this means but i always love this word.. ehehe.. ;D
Konnichiwa~! ^-^ Japanese words are catchy.. i think.. lol! This word means Good Afternoon right? :D or atleast peeps say this in the Movies/dramas.. ehehe.. XD Okay, now I really know what it means when you say 'I'm only doing my job'.. Even though you wanted to consult your friend for a matter that you don't want him/her to get more depressed.. Ughh~!! I hope he/she would change his/her mind.. Things are better this way.. I also hope *inshaallah* that he/she would realize that God's testing him/her if he/she would give up or not.. Inshaallah i wouldn't want him/her to loose his/her confidence in me.. TT^TT

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